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The Star Fissure

The portal flashes closed, and you find yourself suddenly on a plain surrounded by mist which extended in all directions around you. Overhead, the sky appears to be that of night, a dark blanket dotted with millions of stars, like jewels on silk. You start to walk ahead, not really knowing why, and the ground feels hard beneath your feet, though you can't identify what you're walking on.

Just then, something green pokes his head up from the mist, and turns to stare at you. He looks like a small, maned dragon of sorts, with strange, long ears. Nothing out of the ordinary. At least, not what you've gonna used to. But then, he stands up all the way. And that's a bit strange. He's built like a raptor of sorts, with dragon claws for hindfeet and paws for shorter forearms. And he has a lemur tail. A strange combination that you've never seen before.

Thyst Is From This Agency
Do Not Take

Since he doesn't seem to be talking, you ask him what he is. He grins, flashing fangs, and you realize that by the mental response, he can't speak out loud.

I am Thyst. That is my name.

He makes a sort of bird-like trill out loud.

This is the Protected Zone. The mist shields travelers from the effects of the fissure. Now you may learn. This is the path of least resistance to all worlds. Many come this way. It is also the only way to find the hidden tribes of the native animal races of Kynn. Thyst will show you how.

- Tomes Of Knowledge -
- The Scroll Of Rules -
- Enlightened Search - Natural Breeding -
- The Register -

- Portal To Chi'GoldenPlain Terisi -

Done With Permission From Myrror
Thank You For So Much Inspiration And Support

Lands Of Fate

Backgrounds By Ann